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Spreadsheets are EVIL

For my first post, I thought I’d talk about how insanely popular spreadsheets are across businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re working for a large bank, accountant, or a local print shop around the corner – spreadsheets are used everywhere and are very common. It’s absolutely mind boggling to me when I see how businesses – both big and small – store so much critical data on Excel spreadsheets. I dare say some businesses can’t even function a day without them! Crazy right?

Why do I think they’re evil? Here’s my top 3 reasons:

1) When you’re working in a team, how do you know who has the latest version? I’ve got version 126..is anyone working on another version somewhere else? Which one is the latest? It’s difficult to track changes when there’s more than 1 person who is making changes, and it gets worse when you end up emailing it to yourself so you can work on it while you’re on the go

2) While Excel is great at doing calculations, it was NEVER designed to be a database and store sensitive and important info! As an example, your boss wants you to provide a detailed report based on info stored across 2 or more separate spreadsheets (one from sales, one from marketing and another from HR). It’s pretty safe to say that it won’t be a pleasant exercise for you

3) Files can get corrupted – coz it simply isn’t a SYSTEM. Granted any file can get corrupted, but if you’re storing critical data on an Excel file – then your business is at high risk if anything was to happen to those files

The key question is, what does your business run on? Systems or files?


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